About us

We are a training group made up of DJs, Producers and educators. In over 10 years of operation we have trained hundreds of students in DJing and beyond.

The aim of founding Alfa DJ’s Center was to create a place where people interested in DJing could develop their interests and turn their passion for music into practical skills. Over the years we have perfected our original training programmes and the art of working with students.

We believe that an artist is a unique person, so we have an individual approach to each student. We are ready to work with people of different ages and musical experience.

We spread a passion for music effectively.

Our team


Our team


Adam Rudnicki
"DJ Rudix"

DJ training

Founder of Alfa DJ’s Center. Educator with over a decade of experience. Author of the DJ training programme. Proficient in many DJ techniques including the almost forgotten art of playing from vinyl. Clubs – among others Lawa (Puławy), Mayday (Głogów), LeMadame (Warsaw), ZOO (Warsaw), Capitol (Warsaw), Stereo (Warsaw), The Fame (Warsaw), Maska (Warsaw), Beach Bar (Warsaw), Hybrydy (Warsaw)

Aleksandra Rudnicka
"DJ Amarante"

DJ training
Dj Amarante is a Warsaw DJ who has music in her blood. Raised in a family of musicians, she very quickly went in this direction. With the help of music education she played in the best clubs in Warsaw and all over Poland. Clubs – Level, Hotl, Capitol, Hybrydy, Dekada, The Fame, Stereo, PiwPaw, and Taawa (Krakow), Elektrownia (Lodz), Grand Cru (Szczecin), Elypse (Gdynia), Lawa (Pulawy), Chilli (Lublin)

Bartek Smoleński
"DJ Bendyx"

DJ training

Co-founder of QRP Records. Thanks to his skills and charisma he hosted events in clubs all over Poland:
OMEN Płośnica, Protector Uniejów, Magnes Wola rychwalska, Ibiza Gwiździny, Mega music Wilga, Next Wiele, Corrado Suchowola, Corrado Przesmyki, Nevada Nur,
Capitol Sypniewo, Ibiza Świedziebnia, and a performance at the “Bristol Dance Mission” in the British Isles.

Piotr Stachera
"Buffout Boy"

Studio trainings

Producer with many years of experience in education and tutoring. Author of the training program for producers, as well as tutor of the Alfa studio. For years contracted to the French label Electronyze Me, releasing heavy electronic music there. Currently sound designer and author/co-author of music for computer games, among others “Elderborn”.

Władimir Kowalski

Scratch course

Turntablist and vinyl master. He has been involved in music since 2003, playing in many hip-hop bands and performing at breakdance competitions. Clubs – Mandala, Hydrozagadka, PiwPaw, Światło Art Bistro, Poziomy, Niebo. Member of music projects: Leonoff, Ukulele Orchestra, Domofonia, True School Camp’s, Wiadomo Sound System, Rafcik, Aspekt ETR, Badgers & Beavers

Piotr Pastor

Party DJ
A certified party leader and DJ. Piotr translates his several years of experience and charisma into practical lessons for those who want to deal with this unique profession.

Our team


Our team


Tomasz Stachera

Head of Digital

Katarzyna Dziewulska


Łukasz Kasza

Blogging, articles

Opinions and reviews


Our graduates

buyas portrait

He performed all over Poland visiting the best clubs in Warsaw (m.in. BANK, Opera, Capitol, La Playa, Bakery, FACE Club, Lucid), Krakow (Inblanco), Sopot (Chocolate), Gdansk, Rzeszów (m.in. LUKR, Lifehouse, Kula Club), In Bialystok (Black Diamond), Szczecin (Pinocchio), Łódź (Broadway, Cabaret) or Opole (Discoplex A4). Outside our country he played for clubs in Greece and Austria.
Since 2015, ambassador of holi festival poland project – Festival of Colors.

DJ Buyas
fester image

DJ Fester feels great in the stronger atmospheres of club music, although he can healthily swirl the audience in the rhythms of Dance and Disco. Updates your inventory of the best music on an ongoing basis. He doesn’t stop even for a while, he constantly improves his skills. Permanent resident of Ibiza Zalesie clubs, Karczunek Beach Project, Dance Club Magazine, Next Club, Gnatowice Feasts, Triangle Club and many others as a guest performer.

DJ Fester
negativ portrait
A duo of DJs and producers who shook the hous scene. Currently based in London, they are expanding their careers in underground electronic music solo, and in collaboration with many notable MC’s and producers. Their style is bass music with colour from the British Isles and the club culture there.