Live Act Launchpad Course



890 zł / 10h of classes


Create music

and play it live

Live Act is a training aimed at those who want to create and play their own material live.

During the training we build a track with a view to playing it on a launchpad. This means that we create it in a semi-open form, so that we have control over its sound and structure while playing a live act.

While making the track we use the macro in Ableton Live so that we have access to the important parameters of the track at hand while playing live.

What does the course involve?

Lunchpad and Ableton Live
Lessons 1-2

Ableton Live is not only great for music production. It is also extremely convenient for music modification, remixing and mash-ups. Its “clip view” is practically made to work with launchpads.

Creating your own material
Lessons 3-5

We create a set of “clips” i.e. bass lines, chords and melodies which will make up a song. We use both compositions created in class and loops available from sample packs.

Building the track
Lessons 6-8

Using the launchpad we arrange the prepared clips into an entire track. Thanks to this approach we have control over the structure of the piece under our fingers. In addition to the structure we bring the track to life by automating sounds and effects.

Playing a song live
Lessons 9-10

Using the launchpad, we create a new version of the song using both the source material and the sounds we created.

Additional benefits

At the end of the course you will receive a physical certificate confirming the completion of the training and the skills you have acquired.

No need to take notes during the class. You will receive the training summary materials from us.

All classes are taught on an individual basis, so you don’t have to worry about missing a class and falling behind with the material.


All classes are conducted individually.
Once you have signed up for training, our instructor will contact you to arrange a date convenient for you.


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