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your favourite tracks

Remix/Mashup is a training aimed at those who want to learn how to remix music of other artists. During the classes we use the launchpad.

The form, sound and structure of the track can be changed. The training will be useful if you have ideas for making your own versions of songs, but don’t know how yet.

During the classes we deconstruct the tracks and learn about the tools in Ableton Live, with the help of which we can modify the song according to our vision. Thanks to creative use of filters, equalizer and other effects we can influence the sound of music. Using advanced editing and sampler we can build a song practically from scratch, using the original as a source material. Using instruments, we add new sounds so that they match each other and are consistent with the base track.

With the acquired knowledge we also create mash-ups using two tracks.

What does the course involve?

Operation of the programme
Lessons 1-2

Ableton Live isn’t just great for producing music. It’s also extremely convenient for music modification, remixing and mash-ups.

Deconstruction of a track
Lessons 3-5

We use the individual elements of the song to build a set of sounds for ourselves and prepare a convenient set from which to create a remix.

Your own sounds
Lessons 6-8

We add our own contribution to the remixed music. We prepare the sounds that we will add to the composition. Learning the key of the piece, we add notes that fit well with the original.

Sampler and chopping
Lessons 9-10

Using the launchpad, we create a new version of the song using both the source material and our sounds.

Additional benefits

At the end of the course you will receive a physical certificate confirming the completion of the training and the skills you have acquired.

No need to take notes during the class. You will receive the training summary materials from us.

All classes are taught on an individual basis, so you don’t have to worry about missing a class and falling behind with the material.


All classes are conducted individually.
Once you have signed up for training, our instructor will contact you to arrange a date convenient for you.


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