Sound Design Course



990 zł / 12h of classes


Create and model

your own sounds in music

A training aimed at learning how to create sounds on electronic instruments, both on computer plug-ins and external synthesizers.

During the classes we learn the general principle of electronic instruments. This approach allows us to find ourselves in the panels of even the most unknown instruments. Using this knowledge we create various sounds of electronic music. They include deep, loud and bright bass lines taking the first place in the mix. Ethereal pads great for backing tracks and calmer tracks. We’ll also crank out evolving leads and effects to fill out the composition.

The sounds created will find a place in many different genres of music, so no matter if you are into trap, progressive house, trance, dubstep or drum’n’bass, they will help you build a track. In the training you will learn to create big, powerful sounds that you can easily apply to your music. The sounds we create during the training are designed to fit well into the mix. We make sure that they are distinctive and well audible in the track.

We conduct the training in the Ableton Live program, although we do not focus on the essential functions of the DAW itself. The knowledge gained during the classes can be easily used in any other program.

What does the course involve?

Handling of instruments
Lessons 1-3

You will learn about synthesizer panels both in the form of computer plug-ins and external instruments. You’ll learn the purpose and function of all the elements needed for sound modelling.

Analogue vs digital
Lessons 4-6

You will learn the strengths and weaknesses of both software instruments and external, analogue instruments. You’ll learn creative workflows and how to approach both types of instruments to crank out sounds for your tracks.

Modelling of sounds
Lessons 7-9

In this class we will create 12 electronic music sounds. This will give you a starting skill set to create a wide range of different sounds. To use them in your music of course.

Effects and grinding
Lessons 10-12

As well as just creating sounds, you’ll also learn how to use the key effects needed for sound modelling. Compressor, Delay, Equalizer, Distortion, Chorus/Flanger, Stereo Expander and more.

Additional benefits

At the end of the course you will receive a physical certificate confirming the completion of the training and the skills you have acquired.

No need to take notes during the class. You will receive the training summary materials from us.

All classes are taught on an individual basis, so you don’t have to worry about missing a class and falling behind with the material.

Trainings take place in a studio equipped with the necessary hardware and software needed for classes in electronic music production.


All classes are conducted individually.
Once you have signed up for training, our instructor will contact you to arrange a date convenient for you.


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