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He performed all over Poland visiting the best clubs in Warsaw ( BANK, Opera, Capitol, La Playa, Bakery, FACE Club, Lucid), Krakow (Inblanco), Sopot (Chocolate), Gdansk, Rzeszów ( LUKR, Lifehouse, Kula Club), In Bialystok (Black Diamond), Szczecin (Pinocchio), Łódź (Broadway, Cabaret) or Opole (Discoplex A4). Outside our country he played for clubs in Greece and Austria.
Since 2015, ambassador of holi festival poland project – Festival of Colors.

DJ Buyas
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DJ Fester feels great in the stronger atmospheres of club music, although he can healthily swirl the audience in the rhythms of Dance and Disco. Updates your inventory of the best music on an ongoing basis. He doesn’t stop even for a while, he constantly improves his skills. Permanent resident of Ibiza Zalesie clubs, Karczunek Beach Project, Dance Club Magazine, Next Club, Gnatowice Feasts, Triangle Club and many others as a guest performer.

DJ Fester
negativ portrait

A duo of DJs and producers who shook the hous scene. Currently based in London, they are expanding their careers in underground electronic music solo, and in collaboration with many notable MC’s and producers. Their style is bass music with colour from the British Isles and the club culture there.


Broaden your horizons

Check out the study training

Broaden your horizons

Broaden your horizons

Check out the study training

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