Advanced DJ Course



890 zł / 10h of classes


Expand your arsenal

of techniques with new tools

Advanced course.

The advanced mixing course consists of 10 hours of intensive training behind the decks. It is addressed to people who have already learnt the basics of mixing and want to move to the next level of their skills.

During the course you will learn how to use effects, so you will expand your DJ techniques, which will allow you to play even more spectacular sets. You will learn how to use loops, which will give you more control over your music. You will learn how to use different musical styles to your advantage, how to combine them and create something new and unique in real time.

If you want to explore the roots of Dj-ing, you will learn how to play from vinyl records- a great experience and, paradoxically, a new insight into the world of Dj software and auto-sync.

If you are looking for new skills to add to your existing knowledge, this course is for you.

What does the course involve?

Lessons 1-2

The DJM900 mixer’s effects unit is more powerful than it might seem at first glance. You’ll learn advanced tricks for using effects – mainly echo, filter and flanger. Using effects in combination with transitions helps build a spectacular set.

Lessons 3-4

There are as many mixing techniques as there are genres of music. We believe that having seamless transitions is the hallmark of a good DJ. Here you’ll learn how to mix completely different styles of music and how to fit 30 tracks into one hour, among other things.

Loops / Hot Cue
Lessons 5-6

Loops and hot cues are not only a convenient way to control the flow of tracks in a set, but also a good way to highlight the best parts of a song that the audience responds to best. You’ll learn how to use this to your advantage.

Vinyl (optional)
Lessons 7-8

A real DJ can play vinyl. End of story. You will learn how to mix live music using vinyl records. For many people, being able to “feel” the music under their hands is an addictive aspect of DJing.

Additional benefits

At the end of the course you will receive a physical certificate confirming the completion of the training and the skills you have acquired.

If you don’t have any DJ equipment yet and you want to play right after the class is over, we add a controller to the course at an attractive price.
Our partner is the LFX shop.

All classes are taught on an individual basis, so you don’t have to worry about missing a class and falling behind with the material.


All classes are conducted individually.
Once you have signed up for training, our instructor will contact you to arrange a date convenient for you.


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Opinions and reviews


Our graduates

buyas portrait

He performed all over Poland visiting the best clubs in Warsaw ( BANK, Opera, Capitol, La Playa, Bakery, FACE Club, Lucid), Krakow (Inblanco), Sopot (Chocolate), Gdansk, Rzeszów ( LUKR, Lifehouse, Kula Club), In Bialystok (Black Diamond), Szczecin (Pinocchio), Łódź (Broadway, Cabaret) or Opole (Discoplex A4). Outside our country he played for clubs in Greece and Austria.
Since 2015, ambassador of holi festival poland project – Festival of Colors.

DJ Buyas
fester image

DJ Fester feels great in the stronger atmospheres of club music, although he can healthily swirl the audience in the rhythms of Dance and Disco. Updates your inventory of the best music on an ongoing basis. He doesn’t stop even for a while, he constantly improves his skills. Permanent resident of Ibiza Zalesie clubs, Karczunek Beach Project, Dance Club Magazine, Next Club, Gnatowice Feasts, Triangle Club and many others as a guest performer.

DJ Fester
negativ portrait
A duo of DJs and producers who shook the hous scene. Currently based in London, they are expanding their careers in underground electronic music solo, and in collaboration with many notable MC’s and producers. Their style is bass music with colour from the British Isles and the club culture there.